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Today on the site we have more coverage of Brian Evenson's book on Ed the Happy Clown, this time via an excellent conversation with our own Mike Dawson. Why? Because there can never be enough discussion of great comics. And great comics is Chester Brown. Or Chester Brown is great comics. Whatever. You know what I mean. Every cartoonist I respect is intimidated by Chester's work. That's a good thing.


Gabrielle Bell, another amazing cartoonist, is selling her journal comics day-by-day on eBay.

Here's an interview with Annie Koyama by Anne Ishii about Koyama Press.

In other sale news: I am intrigued by this Joe Sinnott book currently being Kickstarted. Why? Because I like to know what a longtime workhorse cartoonist dreams of towards the end of his career.

Here's another Frank Miller piece, this time an interview with Playboy in which Miller sounds exactly like the guy who draws Sin City should sound. That's not a good thing. But! Miller's work was inventive and interesting for many years... I still like that DK2 book. Or at least I like my memory of it.

Speaking of macho men, here's the story of the ill-fated first Nick Fury TV movie.

I can't remember if I linked to this already, but who cares! Here's an excellent article by Gabriel Winslow-Yost on Tardi's war comics. There is not nearly enough written about those incredible comics.