Mouse Breath

Today, Faith Erin Hicks continues her week on A Cartoonist's Diary, today depicting her post-Stumptown reverie.


—Ng Suat Tong released his annual survey of the "Best Online Comics Criticism" of the past year, including several mentions of works printed on this site. This is the first time I can remember being previously familiar with everything chosen (besides the year I helped judge, naturally), and also the first year that I largely agree that most of the picks deserve recognition. I remember past years featuring more adventurous, and just plain more choices, but I also remember past years featuring more clunkers, so maybe the two go hand in hand. Matthias Wivel weighs in on the selection here.

—The Beat has gathered audio from a selection of panels held at last weekend's TCAF Festival.

—The only reason I don't link to Rob Clough's blog more often is that he's so prolific that doing so would quickly become a full-time job. But maybe today's a good day to remind readers of his other gig. Recent entries include a review of Abel & Madden's Mastering Comics and Robyn Chapman's Drawing Comics, and a roundup of recent minicomics.

Jonathan Winters was also a cartoonist?!

—And finally, Jon Longhi talks to Robert Crumb (via):