Advertisers Don’t Care About Moral Indignation

The three-day weekend is over, and Joe McCulloch is here with another of his weekly looks at the new comics in stores, and — oh no! He's talking about Howard Chaykin's Black Kiss 2!

Fast-forward to 2012, and Black Kiss 2, the prequel/sequel to Chaykin's 1988-89 LA adult noir, and the bleakest comic he has ever made. This whole post is inspired by Tom Spurgeon, who, after expressing disturbance at the lack of online conversation about the series, declared it "almost ruthlessly unpleasant" and, ultimately, "the anti-life" - he's not wrong, this is a sordid comic almost beyond compare, but what fascinates me is Chaykin's misanthropy not so much directed at his fellow human beings, but against art. Specifically, the cinema.

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