Yo Yo Yo Yo

Happy Monday. We're please to announce that we've begun a little partnership with The Rumpus. Thanks to Paul Madonna, The Rumpus will feature a couple of TCJ pieces every month. This doesn't really affect you if you're already reading this, but we're pleased and excited.

On this very site Craig Fischer brings you a beast of a post that takes a Skywald horror comic as its base and expands from there. Love it.

And in more internal news, Fantagraphics OGs Preston White and Mike Catron have returned to the fold. Tom Spurgeon has the lowdown and an interview with Mike. Welcome back, guys!

Ok, now we'll leave our own orbit and go... elsewhere:

Some "living my life" posts to link to here... Paul Karasik doing it up in AngoulemeJessica Abel on moving to France and making career choices, Lynda Barry on what we remember, and Kyle Baker on the creative life.

Rub the Blood editors Ian Harker and Pat Aulisio got the Inkstuds treatment. I confess that I don't really understand the Rob Liefeld nostalgia thing, but one man's Paul Gulacy is another man's Rob Liefeld (and yes, it's only men), so, y'know, I get it in the abstract. Man.

And the pages from Rokuro Taniuchi's 1948 children's comic The Magic Underground Castle at 50 Watts is pure joy.