Mollusks, Horses, and Nudes: Aquirax Uno in the Sixties

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4 Responses to Mollusks, Horses, and Nudes: Aquirax Uno in the Sixties

  1. lostcosmonaut says:

    nice detective work TS; I'm a stranger to th world of amazon.jp — it looks addictive


  2. bhagen111 says:

    The day you posted this column, a friend had sent me an image by Uno, whose work I knew from a single image. Your article and gallery widen my knowledge of an amazing strangeness. Thank you.

  3. ryanholmberg says:

    Nice article, but one small correction. Shirato Sanpei was not involved in "angura" theatre. One of his books was adapted very very freely into a play by the Jiyu gekijo in 1967, and his drawings were used in the poster, but to my knowledge Shirato had no involvement.
    If you read Japanese, see here: http://asa8.com/s/others/stage.html

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