Joe McCulloch is here as usual this morning with his useful guide to the week's most interesting-looking new comics. This time, he's spotlighting new works by Carlos Gonzalez and Hunt Emerson.

Pardon my typing this week. I am recovering from a cheese grater incident this weekend that took off part of my right thumb. I am having a really splendid holiday season all around.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—News. The Montreal cartoonist Jacques Hurtubise, aka Zyx, has died.

—Reviews & Commentary.
Robert Boyd put together a list of his favorite comics of 2015. I don't like everything on his list, but I responded to it much more favorably than any other end-of-the-year list I've seen so far, maybe because it is so clearly personal. In any case, it makes sense, a low bar you might say, but one that none of the aggregated best-ofs that have come out this December have yet been able to clear.

—Interviews & Profiles.
Jordanne Laurito writes a brief profile of the cartoonist and SAW co-founder Tom Hart.

“I chose ‘Sequential Artists Workshop’ for a couple of reasons,” Hart said. “One is because ‘sequential art’ is kind of a pretentious name, and I wanted to aspire to a slight level of pretense,” he said with a laugh.

“More importantly, I wanted to have ‘artists’ in the title. I was inspired a little bit by The Actors Studio in New York… I like that the focus is on the artist. It’s not so much about the comics as it is about the people who come in and try to learn.”

Heidi MacDonald interviews our own Frank Santoro.

Gil Roth's Virtual Memories show features Peter Kuper.