Mickey Oven

It's all meanwhile, elsewhere today.

—Reviews & Commentary. Philip Nel has a terrific piece on Maurice Sendak, and what you can learn by reading his will.

At the New Republic, Jeet Heer writes about the recent Art Spiegelman piece on censorship and drawing Muhammad.

Rob Clough reviews Mike Dawson's Angie Bongiolatti.

—Misc. Quentin Blake has 7 rules for illustrators.

Annie Mok provides a guided tour of her bookshelves.

This Tumblr post and the comments thread following has a lot of advice on how to make money working a table at a comics convention.

—Crowdfunding. Fans of Chuck Forsman, Michel Fiffe, and/or Cliff Chiang might be interested in the rewards you can get from helping fund the Kickstarter of children's musician Miss Nina (spouse of former columnist Tucker Stone). Today's the last day.

Comics reviewer Zainab Akhtar is starting a Patreon to fund her writing.

—Interviews & Profiles. At the LARB, Laurie Winer talks to Fun Home musical writer Lisa Kron about the adaptation process, revealing some interesting thoughts on the original book.

Mark Frauenfelder interviewed Dan Clowes at Meltdown last Friday: