I turned in my M.M.M.S. card. I am boycotting Marvel.



Hit Disney where it hurts! Disrupt the box office! DISASSEMBLE THE AVENGERS! Boycott Marvel!


And since you will now be saving money by boycotting Marvel, please turn your attention to my own private Kickstarter. I need your help with a project. Actually, I need your money for a project. The project is: help little Frankie (that's me) get his life back together.

I am traveling from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to New Mexico (3 days drive!) and I need help. I need 200 bux to get my car inspected and ready to roll. So I went through my comic book collection and made up some back issue sets to sell. I made ten sets of ten comics each. Then I drew a sketch of one of the comics in each set. Then I made a big wingnutty hype-up list of what is in each set where I describe why I collected the comic in the first place. The sketch and the list and the comics are what you get for the price of admission. Completely ridiculous. Borderline psychotic. You'll laugh. You'll cry.

Check out the full story here. There are scans of all the sets for sale and funny descriptions of the comics in the sets that will make you laugh. Please pass the link on. If you like my travel columns and want to see more of them, please buy a set from me. Think of it as pitching in for gas. Or passing the collection plate. Whatever it takes to make you feel guilty enough to help me out. Thank you.


Also, this week, in a shameless stab at directing more traffic towards my fundraiser, I have enlisted the formidable Michael DeForge to produce a "silent" gag cartoon. He's honing his skills for The New Yorker and the big bucks.

drawn by Michael DeForge


Programming Notes:

DeForge and I may try out future team-ups — I thought of a really funny caption but it was kinda gross for Sunday morning when this column goes live — or Michael may just do more "silent" gags. Did you know that all comics are silent? Listen ... (long pause) ... I guess the appropriate term is "wordless."

Until I get settled in New Mexico for autumn, I won't have a scanner and probably won't be doing any columns on color. I am making a ton of notes, though. Be ready to go back to school. In the meantime, I'm just winging it as usual, folks. Can't you tell?

Forgive me for using this space for such self promotion — just trying to stay afloat. But my shamelessness is your gain as I am practically giving away some cool comics and art.

Please check out the sets I have up now for sale and help me get back to New Mexico!

Over and out.