Lying Down

In his latest "Grid", Ken Parille closely examines Acme Novelty Library 19:

Ware, who has often compared comics to music, uses the red circle as a visual leitmotif, a “short, repeated musical theme” that he associates with Brown and threads throughout the comic’s two narratives. It first appears as the razor’s cap and then as a pushpin holding up photos of the astronaut and his “first and only true love.”


Amazon is jumping into the comics publishing game. So far, so shitty.

On the bright side, here's a Gary Panter curriculum in pictures.

Paul Karasik draws the story of his local ferry.

Lists are more fun to make than to read, but here's one from a whole web site devoted to lists, and it's about comics, too. Go to it.

Al Jaffee roughs are better than most finishes.

Sort of comics -- or at least cartoon characters: Wrigley's Spearmen.