Let’s Go

Morning all. I'm back on the blog beat, and am raring to post links to various stories about comics across the internet.

First, on our site, Katie Haegele interviews Slow Wave cartoonist Jesse Reklaw.

Sean T. Collins reviews Mario and Gilbert Hernandez's sci-fi soap, Citizen Rex.

And Joe McCulloch previews This Week in Comics as only he can.


Our own Jeet Heer writes about the historical and ongoing political meanings of Captain America in the Globe and Mail. (Hey, where's Dapper Dan on this movie?)

A rare, short interview with Glamourpuss creator Dave Sim, who is now apparently peeved at Neil Gaiman for not being interested in reading Glamourpuss.

Supergods, Grant Morrison's very strange (at least in the parts that aren't just hastily joined-together filler) history of superhero comics, has come out. We will have more coverage of the book here at the site soon, but Paul Gravett has a take worth reading here. The best response I've read so far to one of the book's more troubling aspects comes from Abhay Khosla.

Rob Clough rounds up his thoughts on the recent Jacques Tardi reprints.

And should we keep linking to great Eddie Campbell blog posts, are all of you smart enough to be following him on your own by now?