Last Night on Gossip Girl…

Just kidding, I'm writing this before watching the new Gossip Girl, and it's a repeat anyway. But if demand warrants it I can try to convince Tim to let me run weekly recaps. If not, well, I'll just do so on my own time.

Well, well there is much to discuss, isn't there? For one thing, new to the site are full length interviews from the archive with Aline Kominsky-Crumb (from 1990, and by Peter Bagge) and Lynda Barry (from 1989 -- before many of you were born!). So go enjoy those, my friends. Spend the day, even.

Let's take a trip together around the internet, OK?

* Steven Heller calls our attention to a new traveling project from the great British pop artist Peter Blake.

* From WonderCon comes news that IDW will be releasing oversized editions of classic Marvel comics reproducing the original art. This is good news, I think, and points to a much-needed recognition by Marvel of the aesthetic value of this work and willingness to hand over material to a smaller publisher perhaps better equipped to handle this kind of project. The series begins with Walt Simonson's Thor. I'm curious where it'll go from there.

* Speaking of IDW, it's also releasing a deluxe edition of Darwyn Cooke's Parker material, to which I have a severe allergy. That said, This is a pretty wonderful memoir of hanging out with Donald Westlake, aka Richard Stark, complete with photos of men with beards.

* This new profile of Moebius alludes to problems with the artist's vision, as well as a booming business in privately commissioned paintings. I'd be curious to see some of those pieces.

* Speaking of Moebius, and those who love him, Inveterate phone-talker Sammy Harkham lays it down on tape over at Comix Claptrap.

Finally, for you Facebook fanatics:

* Here is a fabulous selection of Out Our Way panels by J.R. Williams. Even in the current strip boom, Williams remains overrated underrated. I love his natural, easy-does-it drawing style and acute regional observations. Here's a project that could keep Jeet busy: "Great Regional Cartoonists of the 1920s". And not "midwest" or anything too easy. Oh no, I wanna see it state-by-state. Get a WordPress account and get started, Jeet!