Kurt Wolfgang

Page from Nothing Eve, by Kurt Wolfgang

Kurt Wolfgang is my guest this week in the TCJ Talkies "Talkie Hutt." Kurt is most recently known for his serialized graphic novel, Nothing Eve, which appeared in the now-defunct MOME, an anthology that Wolfgang appeared in from its inception. Earlier in his career, he self-published the No-Fie and Lowjinx minicomic series. His silent graphic novella, Where Hats Go, won the Xeric grant and appeared in NON #5, an anthology edited by Jordan Crane. Kurt has also been hard at work on Pinokio, an original graphic novel for Top Shelf Productions.

(side note: Eagle-eared listeners may notice that if you pay real close attention to the first ten minutes or so of this chat, you'll hear a child screaming in the background. That's my daughter, putting up a fight about going to bed. I did my best to remain engaged with the conversation while that was going on, but I gotta admit, it can be hard to stay focused... "Oh, what's that, they cancelled MOME? Oh wait a minute, did my daughter just fall out of her crib? No? OK, go back to what you were saying...")

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