Know Your…

Today on the site:

Richard Gehr returns with his third installment of Know Your New Yorker Cartoonists, this time with the great Roz Chast. If you haven't been following Richard's journeys into New Yorker country, you better catch up! It's best ride. Next up is Lee Lorenz.

And elsewhere, in case you missed it:

-Over on Daniel Best's blog he has the filing papers for a since-closed 2004 lawsuit by Carmine Infantino, claiming ownership over some characters. The most interesting aspect in the post is a letter from fellow old pro (and now deceased) Mike Esposito. All these lawsuits, all these claims. All the hoopla around the relaunched DC, in all its silliness, just makes me think about lawsuits.

-Speaking of which, Tom Spurgeon interviewed Archie's Jon Goldwater on Sunday about the publishing company's new initiatives.

-And finally, David Apatoff asks if it's OK to like pulp art. I'm going to give this one an enthusiastic yes.