Killer Fish

Back from the Minnesota State Fair and ready to read about comics on the internet, which it looks like Dan didn't manage to break in my absence (this time). Rob Clough is here today with a review of The Cigar That Fell in Love With a Pipe by David Camus and Nick Abadzis, a historical fantasy romance featuring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth:

The Cigar That Fell In Love With A Pipe is a hard book to pin down. At heart, it's an unconventional fairy tale romance, and as such, it owes everything to artist Nick Abadzis, who brings that fairy tale to life. Written by David Camus, this is a book whose imagery is visceral and funky: the smell of smoke, the feel of sweat from Cuban heat, the taste of salt from the ocean, the sound of Orson Welles' mellifluous voice, and of course the ways in which light and smoke play against each other. The book has a nested narrative structure, as what appears to be the beginning of the story of Welles receiving a box of cigars is actually almost the end of magical story of two spirits in love.

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