Keep Your Hands Off My Stack

Today on the site, Joe McCulloch brings you the Week in Comics —and endorses one of last week's.


—The often excellent essayist Joseph Epstein writes about Saul Steinberg at The Weekly Standard, and Michael Kammen touches on the same subject in his L.A. Review of Books essay which primarily concerns Thomas Nast, political cartoons, and public art.

—Cartoonists are talking money. First, read veteran artist Jerry Ordway's thoughts on being sidelined at DC. Mark Evanier comments. Then read prominent webcartoonist John Allison's post wherein he writes about feeling like his means of making a living is threatened by the migration to Tumblr. Matt Bors comments on that.

Faith Erin Hicks is interviewed by Jim Rugg, Jason Lex, & Ed Piskor.

—Dave Sim responds to Comics Journal Chester Brown coverage, by way of explaining why he's against prostitution.

—Reviews. Robert Boyd reviews five semi-recent comics; Noah Berlatsky reviews the reissued 7 Miles a Second for Slate; The Advocate reviews Gilbert Hernandez's upcoming Julio's Day.

—Michael Dooley interviews Denis Kitchen about his new Al Capp biography.

—Chris Mautner explains where to start with Winsor McCay. (Personally, I'd give a beginner John Canemaker's biography before expecting them to shell out for the Sunday Press books.)

—Julie Doucet and Simon Bossé have started a Tumblr devoted to mail art.

—The Siegel/DC Superman legal battle continues.

—Justin Green's introduction to book-burning.