Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz is my guest in the Talkie Hutt this week. Julia is the author of The Fart Party, two volumes of which have been published by Atomic Books, and Drinking at the Movies, published by Random House. On the show, we talk about her early minicomics and webcomics, her feelings about interacting with an online audience, and the creation of Drinking at the Movies, as well as the subsequent ambivalence she feels towards that book for a number of different reasons.

This interview may also be kind of amusing for revealing how difficult it is for me to talk frankly with someone about "taboo" subjects such as alcoholism and addiction. I hem and haw and skirt around the edges of the topic for most of the first half of the show, before I finally take a deep breath and talk properly about the things Julia clearly wants to discuss. I can’t help it! It’s my English heritage. It makes me all uptight and reluctant to talk openly about tough topics in mixed company. So, in a way, this episode was a breakthrough for me. I am really happy with the results.

Also, here’s a page from a recent comic Julia posted online about Hurricane Irene, which we talk about a length.

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