John Kelly is filling in for Frank Santoro at Riff Raff again, this week delivering a story on the significant downsides that went along with the money and audience cartoonists could get working for Hugh Hefner. Kelly looks at the cases of Jack Cole, Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, and others, and talked to people like Denis Kitchen, Skip Williamson, and Jay Lynch to get the story.

“Oh, man. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t working [directly] for the guy [Hefner],” says illustrator Bill Stout. Stout ... worked as an assistant for Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder on their long-running Playboy strip Little Annie Fanny in the early 1970s. “It would have been a short gig. I would have just bailed. Life’s too short.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews & Profiles. Meg Lemke talked to Leslie Stein for the Paris Review.

Brady Dale at the Observer tracked down R. Sikoryak to ask him about his bizarre new project to adapt all of the iTunes terms and conditions into comics.

Alan Moore answered many readers' questions about books, magic, and politics at length last week for Goodreads.

David Burr Gerard talked to Ted Rall about his Snowden book for Guernica.

—Reviews & Commentary. Sarah Horrocks reviews Bitch Planet.

—Misc. The long-lost McDonald's/Burger King satire from the early Judge Dredd "Cursed Earth" storyline is finally coming back into print.

—Video. Here's Lisa Hanawalt at the XOXO FEstival: