It’s Tuesday!

On the site today:

Shaenon Garrity relates her own experiences with Kickstarter.

A couple of months ago, I needed $10,000 to self-publish a big omnibus collection of my webcomic Narbonic. By way of explanation, I am not one of your big-name webcartoonists. At this point people are vaguely familiar with my work, but I’m not one of those folks with half a million page views and people queuing up to buy t-shirts with my characters’ hip and witty comments printed on them. I have a moderate but very devoted (and very entertaining) audience, and I am in no danger whatsoever of making a living from my comics.

Joe McCulloch, who, this weekend, via SPX, finally stayed long enough in one place to really get talking, brings us the week in comics.

And Rob Clough brings us a review of Lewis Trondheim's book Little Nothings Vol. 4.

More later, people. Forgive the short entry.