Today on the site, Greg Hunter brings us the eight installment of Comic Book Decalogue, in which Gabrielle Bell discusses Ulli Lust, This Dog Barking, and we get a cameo from Aidan Koch.

Anyhow, it's been a strange blustery weekend here in New York. I read Kramers Ergot 9, which features the best Matthew Thurber story... ever; a sustained moment of cartooning genius by Dash Shaw that demonstrates his intense and shocking level of control over the medium and the reader; Jesse Marsh-level brilliance from Steve Weissman; brilliant philosophy from Anya Davidson; all-out-20th century jams from John Pham. Also, one goddamn good Tux Dog page from Ben Jones, who rides in to remind everyone that he's still the funniest guy in the room. Overall this is a decidedly cartoony issue -- much more about about the goofy cartoon curve, the flick of the wrist, and nearly Seattle-in-the-early-1990s levels of ironic humor. It's great to see all this work between two covers -- only pal Sammy could pull something off this comprehensive without it being heavy-handed. Plenty of surprises and new voices. That's all I'll say for now... I have other thoughts, but please go out and get this book -- whatever you think you know, you need it, trust me.

Also, because I have so little to link to, I might add that Tim and I went to see Batman vs. Superman last week and while Tim loved it more than me initially, I have since grown to love it a lot. It's a totally bonkers romantic comedy. Definitely not good, but also perhaps somehow "beyond good and evil" (get it???). I highly recommend it, and I really wish I had gotten stoned beforehand, because that would have made it even more awesome. I feel totally superhero satisfied and don't need to look at superhero comics now for a long time. Dapper Dan over and out!

Oh, here's a link: The Paris Review's continuing series of Lydia Davis adaptations is here with the latest by Hallie Bateman.