Today Rob Clough looks at comics published by Pikitia Press.

I was happy to run into Matt Emery at SPX 2013, who handed me a pile of comics that he had published. His Pikitia Press is located in Melbourne, but Emery is a New Zealand native and unsurprisingly publishes the work of a number of Kiwis as well as Aussies. There’s a scene there that’s always been small but feisty; however, it seems like the alt-comics scene has grown dramatically in the past five to ten years. Here’s a look at Pikitia’s offerings.


The Boston Herald racist cartoonist controversy continues.

Ben Katchor writes about an exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Steve Heller tells us a bit about some Time Magazine covers by the great Artzybasheff.

And finally, you know you grew up as a comics fan if you were just a bummed out by this announcement.