Hey Look, It’s R. Crumb!

That line, spoken by one R. Gehr, was my favorite part of MoCCA. What does it refer to? Or Who? Who cares. It's just funny on 800 levels. Heidi MacDonald covers MoCCA here. My own report will appear... now! What is there to say? Let's see... Friday night was good at the Strand and Saturday night was drunken and fun at the TCJ launch party. Many people were there, including Boss Groth, a ton of artists (including Mazzucchelli, Burns, Girard, Evans, Ollmann, G. Bell, DeStefano, Stearn, Lewis, Newgarden, G. Wilson) many of our writers (among them: Rudick, Fry, Gehr, Howe, Gazin). And etc. We thank you all for coming out. And here are some pix:

The night began, as all cartoonist parties begin, with sitting: From left: Gary Lieb, Mark Newgarden, Charles Burns, Jacq Cohen; Standing at left: Richard Gehr.
Then of course there is some talking. Here Tucker Stone explains the difference between 1982 Brian Bolland inks and 1983 Brian Bolland inks. Tim is amused by the absurdity of it all.
Gahan Wilson to Gary Groth: "This is NOT how Hef used to do it!"
Three serious men: King Features' Brendan Burford, True Chubbo's Ray Sohn, and Seventeen's Mike Reddy.
Gabrielle Bell and Peggy Burns seem happy to see me. I am relieved by this.
And an atypical ending to a cartoonist party: Brecht Evans dancing in the back. I'm told Brecht had "the flu" the next day.

During the day I sold books. Overwhelming trends seemed to be a sense of exhaustion, questions about the viability of a medium filled with young professionals with no place to go, and a decent amount of low-stakes, "networking" thrown in. EH!

Other links for you:

On Facebook: Fluid, perfect, and according to the artist, unpublished early 1970s drawings by the great Victor Moscoso make the best argument yet for getting a Facebook account. Also the best argument yet for never letting an artist control his own monograph: They always leave the best stuff out.

Good article on hidden art in animation, because we all know animation is not art. "JK."

On the site for most of you:

Sean T. Collins talks to Daniel Clowes about Mr. Wonderful; a new column by R. Fiore on Jacques Tardi and Ayn Rand.