Hands Across Atlantic

Today on the site, Annie Mok reviews the wondrous Meat Cake Bible by Dame Darcy.

Fantagraphics has just released a collection of comics from Dame Darcy, the Mermaid-identified cartoonist and sometime reality show star, in the form of The Meat Cake Bible. Ornately designed by Keeli McCarthy, the die-cut hardcover opens to a scene of Dickensian magical realist debauchery, featuring some of Darcy’s core cast of characters, such as Strega Pez, Effluvia the mermaid, and Wax Wolf. They all live in Sobriety Straight, a Victorian hellscape/dreamscape, wherein the dozens of short stories from the Meat Cake comics took place, published by Fantagraphics from 1993-2008. The strips reflect the giddy viciousness of the best Riot Grrrl art and music from the early nineties, with a collection of mostly (white) women characters as cackling demonesses, taking up space and being loud.

We'll have Ron Rege's interview with Dame Darcy soon enough.


It's SPX weekend! You won't find me there (though I wish I was going). All your info is here. Instead you can find me at the New York Art Book Fair on Sunday at 1 pm, interviewing Suellen Rocca of Hairy Who fame.

SPX recommendation: Do yourself a favor and buy Anya Davidson's Band for Life. I'm in the middle of it now and it's incredibly warm, funny and brilliant cartooning.

Here's a cool-sounding event about underground press in Oregon.

The great store Quimby's gets the local legend treatment in the Chicago Tribune.

And here's our own Robert Boyd on Trenton Doyle Hancock.