Hammer Meet Nail

Today on the site Brandon Soberberg reviews Gilbert Hernandez's most recent comic book, Blubber.

This brutal little one shot from Gilbert Hernandez constructs a libidinous circle of life via six loosely connected strips of blackly comic body horror, creepily cute animal weirdness, and nightmarish nature documentary deadpan, occupied by spindly creepazoids and bowling pin-shaped monsters. A few strips seem to reference, riff on, and playfully jab the work of alt-comics big guns like Michael DeForge and Johnny Ryan and overall, it reads like an unimpeachable indie veteran giving the comix scene the business. It's a head scratcher and a reactionary work.

Slow news weekend, I think...

Here's Variety on Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan's TV show, Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

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