Hagglers Welcome

Today we welcome cartoonist Kevin Huizenga to the site with the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of reports from his cartooning life. This time it's all about the Autoptic festival in Minneapolis.


It's a stretch, but those interested in sequential narratives could do well to look at Jacob Lawrence's incredible Migration Series, now on view at MoMA and written about here.

I would have to look closer to really decide if I still like it (maybe not?), but the return of Bloom County, and now in color, really pings my 10-year-old self. And good for Breathed for just going for it and using the old person's platform to do so. Whatever!

I really want to read Dave Sim's Alex Raymond book, so this is good news, I guess? I really would like to read, generally speaking, an unvarnished account of Raymond's life...