Go Time

The great Tim Kreider turns in an editorial/essay on the state of the cartooning profession. Despite a small amount of shared territory with a recent controversial Voice story (including a particular Ted Rall joke--it is a funny line, so I see why Rall likes to use it), this piece was written before that issue of the Voice was published. Not that it matters, since they're sufficiently different, but just so you know.

Also, Rob Clough contributes a review of the international survey anthology Gazeta.

Finally, of course, any Journal readers in the New York area tonight will want to come to the Strand bookstore, to see Gary Groth and Kim Deitch in discussion with Dan and myself about the magazine's history and legacy. It starts at seven, and comes after a full day of store appearances by cartoonists such as Ben Katchor, Jillian Tamaki, Pascal Girard, and Dash Shaw.


The 2011 Eisner Award nominations have been announced. It's going to take a little time to absorb the whole thing; there are definitely some good and deserving nominees in there, but a few surprising oversights as well. That's par for the course with awards all over, of course, but in comics, the whole thing sometimes seems especially perverse. More on this later, I am sure.

In news of more lasting importance, Bart Beaty sums up the latest state of the troubles at L'Association. Highly recommended.

Also on the Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon reflects further on the Voice non-payment issue.

I don't think we've yet linked to this interview with Anders Nilsen yet.

And here's a very short Q&A with the Journal's debut diarist Vanessa Davis.