Generational Divide

Eleanor Davis is back again today, with the third entry in her Cartoonist's Diary series. If you haven't been reading along, catch up now.

Also, Rob Clough is here with a review of a NSFW collaboration between Brontez Purnell and Janelle Hessig, The Cruising Diaries. Here's a sample of what to expect:

The format of the book is text from Purnell on the left-hand pages and an illustration (sometimes in comics form) from Hessig on the right-hand pages. Each anecdote concerns young Purnell's anonymous sexual exploits "told in the style of anti-erotica." Each encounter has a title; the first is called "Sweet Talker", and it ends with the following three sentences: "I went to his house where he had pictures of his wife and kids everywhere and every solo-male jerk-off film ever. We spent three hours in the shower pissing on each other and he bought me a burrito later. PERFECT DATE." This gives the reader a pretty good idea of what they're in for: total honesty and a heaping of irreverence.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—News. Mimi Pond won a PEN Center Literary Award.

—Interviews. Berkeley Breathed talks to Comics Alliance.

—Reviews & Commentary. Ng Suat Tong has kind words for Isabel Greenberg's Encyclopedia of Early Earth. ARTnews on Dan Nadel's What Nerve. Prompted by Joe McCulloch's excellent post on this site, Abhay Khosla has more thoughts on Grant Morrison's Multiversity. Noah Van Sciver explains his periodic superhero binges.