Forgot Vacay!

Today on the site, Joe McCulloch brings us the news of the comics world release schedule.


I'm actually "on vacation" this week, but I forgot to tell Tim and I have wi-fi and the kid's asleep, so I'll be here today and Thursday, just for you!

Spend your money here: There is a new issue of the great and long-running zine Cometbus, and it's all dedicated to comics in New York! Get it here.

Fun news: Ben Katchor will be on tour this fall for the very handsome reissue of his ground breaking (and still completely wonderful) Cheap Novelties.

Good times: There's no one I'd rather hear from about Suicide Squad (actually the only person I want to hear from) than our friend Tucker Stone.

Lose a week here: The vast mini-comic online archive Poopsheet Foundation is now live and awesome.