eric orner

“I’m A Citizen Of Gay America”: An Interview With Eric Orner

Eric Orner is one of the only former U.S. Congressional aides who can lay claim to a long-running comic strip and time spent in the Disney trenches. Today, he’s talking to Alex Dueben about how that history helped inform Smahtguy, his biography of the iconic and iconoclastic Barney Frank, one of the first gay and out congressmen and a front-line defender of civil rights.

Mark Schultz

Catching Up With Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz talks about his journey from comics, to comics that are turned into television shows and Sega CD games, to taking over the adventures of Prince Valiant… while the whole time, Xenozoic Tales remains in the background, ready to take the spotlight once more.

Tony Millionaire

“I Draw Swell, Drunk Or Sober. Unless I’m Really Drunk For Three Days”: An (Old) Interview With Tony Millionaire

In this conversation between Tony Millionaire and John Kelly from 1999, the cartoonist explains how he got his start, his time spent hanging off the roof of a cab, how autobiographical his comics about an alcoholic and suicidal crow are, and his love for all things nautical. Next week, we’ll present an all new conversation between Kelly and Millionaire, picking up right where this one leaves off.