Kyo Machiko

The Enigmatic, The Essential… Kyo Machiko

Manga artist Kyo Machiko is a true 21st century talent, moving fluidly from social media cartooning to traditional magazine serialization. Now, in the era of COVID, she has begun a series of bilingual books depicting the mysteries of the everyday. Matthew Hill presents an interview with the artist, followed by excerpts from her newest book, Essential My #stayhome Diary 2021-2022.

Neal Adams

The 1974 Neal Adams interview

In this pre-Journal Word Balloons fanzine interview, Neal Adams talks to Martin Pasko about drawing character expression, the Marvel method, and his take on artists such as Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Joe Kubert.

Chaz Truog

“If I Could, I’d Completely Redraw It”: An Interview With Chaz Truog

While “Animal Man” may be the first title you think of when his name comes up, Chaz Truog’s career has gone much further than one fondly remembered DC comic. In this conversation, he talks about time spent in the monthly trenches with Coyote, his groundbreaking work on Leonardo Da Vinci in Chiaroscuro and his latest, the violent medieval epic, The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus.


The Hunt Emerson Interview

In this interview, which originally ran in TCJ #198 in 1997, British cartoonist Hunt Emerson (Phenomenocomix, Firkin, Calculus Cat, Casanova’s Last Stand) talks about his relationship to the American underground and European comics scenes, adapting classic literature, music, Fortean philosophy, and much more.