Express Train

A faulty alarm clock means this post is getting written fast, faster than any post has been written before. Expect cleanup soon, after I take a break to ride a train for a while...

Today on the site, Tucker Stone and Abhay Khosla take on the comics and news of the day in their usual over-the-top fashion.

—I guess some extramarital love letters of Charles Schulz are going on auction. I feel gross just reporting that, but I guess it's newsworthy on some level.

—How about something a bit less vampirish? Rob Clough draws attention to a new proposed project by comics journalist Dan Archer.

—Bob Heer reports that Steve Ditko has written an essay addressing the claims that Jack Kirby had a hand in creating Spider-Man.

—The Boston Phoenix has a long interview with Sean Howe about his Marvel Comics history.

—Kailyn Kent writes about "art vs. comics" anxiety she has found in recent discussions of Saul Steinberg.

—I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but am curious about any kind of academic article comparing an old Captain Marvel story to The Master.

—This video about selling all of your old comics & just getting it over with? Maybe, today this is sounding good.