Everything Is All Right

The great Tucker Stone reviews the latest mini-series from the Mignola-verse of Hellboy & Co., B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia. That title's a mouthful.

As are the titles of the upcoming Watchmen prequels. Like Dan, I don't have much interesting to say about this development. It's dumb and mean, but not surprising by any stretch. Eric Stephenson from Image said most of what needs saying, in a blog post that has seen much deserved traffic.

This is a good comics Tumblr. Great links pretty much every day.

This find from a Cerebus-related Tumblr is a real treasure. "I have to credit all the research that I did on Oscar Wilde for convincing me that I don't want to be like that [almost universally acknowledged as the greatest conversationalist of his day]. If I can end my life with a large body of completed works and a reputation as a cantankerous old hermit I'll consider my time well spent." It makes you wonder about paths not taken. If Dave Sim hadn't gotten interested in Wilde, he might have become one of the greatest raconteurs of our age! Actually there are a few things I'd dispute from Sim's comments. Wilde wrote far more than just "one really good play and one really good short novel"—even if he'd never written anything other than his essays, he'd probably still be read today. Also, I wonder about whether it really makes sense to value the written word over the experienced moment. Obviously the written word is better for us—we can read it. But surely it's not wise to only produce for posterity. The appropriate example here may be Ozymandias (not the character from Watchmen, which is apparently impossible to escape).

Our own Kristy Valenti writes about Chester Brown and Craig Thompson as purveyors of "Dick Lit" over at Comixology.

And Frank Santoro comic-book layout workshop hits Mission:Comics & Art tonight. A must-see if you're in the San Francisco area.