Today, we have the third and final installment of our Jeet Heer-run Jack Kirby/Hand of Fire roundtable, featuring contributions from Jonathan Lethem, Glen David Gold, Sarah Boxer, R. Fiore, Doug Harvey, and Dan Nadel. In this installment, some of the notable topics include William Blake, romance comics, and Kirby vs. Ditko. I know some people get tired of hearing about Jack Kirby, who sometimes seems to be discussed to the exclusion of all other cartoonists, but even for skeptics, I think this roundtable will prove worth reading -- it's certainly one of the best things we've yet published online.

Apart from that, there are almost too many links to link.

—Secret Acres has their now-traditional semi-disheartened wrap-up of this year's MoCCA festival.

—Paul Gravett takes a look at the recent Madrid career retrospective of Spanish cartooning legend Max (and interesting read in conjunction with our Berenguer obituary from yesterday).

—In Alison Bechdel news, John Horgan has another interview with her, and Dwight Garner reviews her new book for the New York Times.

—BK Munn had a really good May Day-related post featuring Dr. Wertham and Ernie Bushmiller the other day.

—In Salon, Steven Brower writes about the generation of comic-book artists who switched to advertising.

—Print has another gallery of Françoise Mouly's collection of rejected New Yorker covers.

—And finally, Vice visits Johnny Ryan in his home: