Enemies Old & New

After a short break, Tucker Stone is back with Comics of the Weak, along with his compatriot Abhay Khosla. Tucker takes on the latest big moves in superhero comics, and Abhay talks about Orson Scott Card.


—Robot 6 talks to First Second editor Calista Brill and designer Colleen AF Venable.

—Garry Wills names Doonesbury the best political writing of our time, and picks a Garry Trudeau title as the one book he wishes Obama would read.

—Have we mentioned yet that TCJ contributor Sean T. Collins is spotlighting different webcomics every Wednesday? He is.

—Max Allan Collins picks 11 "most controversial" comics of the Wertham era for the Huffington Post. He is also interviewed by Colin Smith.

—Linguist Neil Cohn continues his response to Eddie Campbell.

—Finally, a 1987-aired 20/20 interview with Gary Larson (via):