Endless Circle

Six more weeks of winter, and Joe McCulloch's here with a guide to the newest comics you may want to read in the meantime.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews & Profiles. We linked to an excerpt from Jeet Heer's epic Paris Review interview with Chris Ware a while back, but now the whole thing's online. The Review also has a talk with Tomi Ungerer.

Ian McQuaid at i-D talks to Daniel Clowes in anticipation of the upcoming Complete Eightball collection.

Also, Darling Sleeper talks to Steven Weissman and Splitsider talks to Lisa Hanawalt.

—Scott McCloud. Lots of Scott McCloud out there right now, as The Sculptor officially hits stores. There's a profile at the New York Times, an interview at The Beat, and at the A.V. Club, he recommends and discusses seven graphic novels on "artistic frustration".

—Reviews & Commentary. Sean Rogers reviews books by Michael DeForge, Dylan Horrocks, and Jacques Tardi. Grant Morrison expert Marc Singer is underwhelmed by The Multiversity Guidebook.

—Misc. John Porcellino meets a groundhog.

Finally, Stassa Edwards writes about the prevalence of talking animals in fiction, which seems of interest to funny animal comics scholars.