Early Colors

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Katie Skelly reviews Gina Wynbrandt’s Someone Please Have Sex with Me.

Wynbrandt is an artist whose progression shows over the four years of work included in this volume, and it’s obvious this progression is hard-won: the draftsmanship improves, the gags hit faster and harder, and she grows more and more willing to plunge head first into totally pathetic depravity with each piece. The style of Someone focuses on the essential, with few details in the drawings that don’t suit the gags. The book also rides out the cresting wave of the Risograph aesthetic, with pink and blue coloring, for a pleasing, sometimes teenage diary-esque effect.

And Dash Shaw continues his Diary with a discussion of his writing process for his next animated feature. 


Molly Roth, who interned for PictureBox and worked hard on the construction of this very web site, has some funny cartoons over at the New Yorker. She done good!

Here's the best rundown I've seen of the Mould Map-as-exhibition event coming up.

I like these Anders Nilsen drawings.