A Cartoonist’s Diary

Dylan Horrocks: Day Four

Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Nick Cohen. You can read the earlier version here (hooray for Wikipedia’s edit archive!). I reviewed his book for Metro magazine. I actually agree with much of what Cohen says in his book; I just think it’s a stupid, shallow, superficial, ill-informed piece of self-righteous polemic (whether I agree with it or not). And in places he’s completely full of shit.

Dylan Horrocks is a cartoonist, writer and illustrator who lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and two teenage sons. His graphic novel Hicksville was published by Drawn & Quarterly and his earlier series include Pickle and Atlas. He has drawn comics for magazines and books around the world and has written comics for DC Comics and Vertigo, including Hunter: the Age of Magic and Batgirl. His website is at hicksvillecomics.com.