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It's Day 4 of Leslie Stein's Diary, in which we learn about happy family time. And, hey, Joe McCulloch snuck in a full scale review of the much-discussed new comic book from Brandon Graham, Prophet #21. No fair Joe, you're making us look like slackers. Even more than you usually do! And Kristian Williams contributes a review of a recent edition of "Conversations" series: Alan Moore.

Elsewhere all around the web -- Kim Thompson sent me this email with the following text, so like a good soldier, here ya go: "Kim Thompson forwarded this oldish link to an excellent interview with Asterix translator Anthea Bell: 'I was toying with the idea of asking her for an interview someday,' Kim notes, 'but this little piece does the job beautifully. She's been my comics-translating idol since 1976, when my dad, who worked as a professional translator, brought home a translator's newsletter that compared Asterix translations and specifically cited her and her co-translator's work as outstanding.'

I love when someone else does my job for me. Let's see, Michel Fiffe has a phantasmagoric blog post from Michel Fiffe, taking in many a topic and vision. Here's a fine post about the great classic illustrator Howard Pyle and his students. Pyle being the foundation of the modern adventure illustration genre of drawing. That's a mouthful. This post about a new Seth project is incredibly enticing. Order placed.

And I leave you with this blatant conflict of interest: A really awesome video by Black Pus, which is Brian Chippendale's one-man-band mode. Warning: may cause motion sickness and lazy interpretations.