Double Cheese

Hi. I'm back from Chicago, which was swell. As usual, fine hamburgers and tacos made me happy and I'm told my panel with Chris Ware, Karl Wirsum and Robert Cozzolino will be online in the next couple weeks.

And Jog is here to tell you about the week of funny books.


Good news for me and you: Ben Jones' Stone Quackers television show is now on Hulu. This is some of Ben's best work. More good news: Fellow Hall-of-Famer, New Englander and LA-transplant Ron Rege, Jr. has a brand new comic book out. I ordered mine. Now it's your turn.

Here's an interview with Miss Lasko-Gross on her new graphic novel. Here's one with A. Degen. And here's Jim Rugg talking Street Angel.

Not comics: I like this new web site from Siglio Press: The Improbable. It compiles book reviews written by proprietors of independent store just for the site. It's a nice way to stumble across gems.