Deep Blip

Today on the site our friend Ryan Holmberg is back with a look at an unexpected body of comics work.

Even if you know only the first thing about postwar Japanese art, the name Shinohara Ushio (b. 1932) should be familiar. He’s the spunky bantam-weight with the mohawk who, in the early 1960s in front of flashing cameras and copy-hungry journalists, interpreted action painting as a sport, wrapping sodden rags around his fists like boxing gloves to decorate sheets of paper and cloth swatches with a series of oversized black and white splats. The “rockabilly painter,” as he was called, was featured many times in tabloids and on television as a representative of the new wave of Japanese youth.


Here's an excerpt from a rare profile of Mark Beyer.

This is a cool post about Spanish comics.

I've never seen these Moebius/Dune storyboards.

The LA Times Book Prize nominees have been announced.

There's some kind of kerfuffle with a Denver comic book convention.

Lock up your long boxes: Frank Santoro is headed to Columbus in March.

Hey, good ol' Desert Island is having a 6th anniversary party here in Brooklyn.