Today on the site, the incomparable Jog discusses new comics and Jae Lee:

Deservedly or not, Lee is infamous for his slow production of pages, and like the similarly-drubbed Frank Quitely, his emphasis on placing bodies in relation to one another in sparse environments — and Lee is very much a stronger communicator of spatial relations than physical contact — can easily be read as handing over a bunch of work to the colorist; I don’t expect the original pencils for this one consisted of much more than the panel borders and a pair of Bat-smears of varying distinction. That said, I am not reading Jae Lee’s original art, but instead laboring under a helpful fiction that when I refer to “Jae Lee” I am hopefully restricting myself to considerations of his drawings and layouts, with the understanding that the wholeness of the page is attributable in large part to June Chung.


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