A Cartoonist’s Diary

Vanessa Davis: Day One

Today is exciting because it’s warm. Like, 80 degrees in the middle of winter warm. I guess that’s what California is supposed to be all about, right? We’re driving to Chico in our own car, which we don’t normally do. We usually rent a car if we’re driving somewhere far. So this is fun for me because when I moved to California I thought I’d be hopping in the car, taking road trips all over the place, and here I am, doing it!

We pass a lot of orchards on the way. Like, this is just one. We passed so many.

In Chico we stay with our friend Casey and her dog, Louis.

Casey also has a lot of fun stuff around her house, like a Budweiser phone.

Our friends’ band, Ashtray, is in Chico to play a Pyrate Punx show at Monstro’s Pizza. (That is why we came to Chico.)

The show is right next to a student apartment complex (Chico is a college town), and Casey and I crashed a big party next door because we were feeling feisty. We saw people dancing like this:

Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t really capture the vigorous thrusting effort that these young dancers were putting forth.

Afterward, we finally left and went to an after party for the show at the local punk house, where everyone was dancing to every single Lady Gaga song that exists. There were some rumblings about this being a "punk house" so what was going on with all this dance music, but most everyone just pretty much gave in and got down.

I’d never heard “Alejandro” before, and it’s my new favorite Lady Gaga song. I also love the video. It has a lot of nude guys looking confused. My favorite one is at 1:51.

Vanessa Davis is the creator of Make Me a Woman and Spaniel Rage.