Six Will Get You Ditko, Miller & Byrne

Sobel’s back-issue trip to the Koch Warehouse in Brooklyn results in a trip to the Frank Miller advocacy court, questions about the Phantom Stranger, and more footnotes than I have memories of my father saying he loved me!

Return To The Book Nook

Marc Sobel’s archaeological finds include The Miracle Squad, Steve Bissette classics, R.L. Stine (huh?) and a comic that was actually published in 2019: you read that right. Go ahead and open your presents early!

A Visit Down South

Marc Sobel’s travels took him down South, to the legendary Book Nook, where TCJ’s editor once bought a bootleg version of “Cop Killer”, as sung by Soundgarden. Today, Marc is just talking comics.

Bijou Funnies: The Conclusion!

Marc Sobel has a sermon on George PĂ©rez, old Red Circle comics and classic pissed off Toth quotes for you. Put on a tie before you walk into this church, ya turkey!

Comics in Drawers

You really can find comics just about anywhere, although most people would have left the comics in this column behind. Thankfully, Marc Sobel has a different plan in mind.

Welcome to the Strip Mine

One of the great joys of comic book collecting is longbox surfing. You know what I mean, standing for hours sifting through filthy, disorganized boxes, carefully un-taping bags of one cheap floppy after another, scanning the credits, flipping the pages, gauging the condition, and, best of all, chatting with other geeks who actually get it.… Read more »