Mardou: Day Two

Is Anne Lamott all that? That’s one of the questions on Mardou’s mind today–but to find out the answer, you’ll just have to read along in her Cartoonist’s Diary!

Mardou: Day One

It’s time for a new Cartoonist’s Diary-in this week’s installment, Mardou opens things up with the single greatest gift one can give oneself: a rock solid morning routine!

Alison Wilgus: Day Five

Wilgus week concludes, with Alison’s look at Sign Out, Wiscon’s non-hierarchal version of Artist’s Alley. And then she gets on a plane and decides to make a comic about the week: META

Alison Wilgus: Day Four

Alison’s Wiscon diary turns its focus to inspiration and admiration, with today’s installment looking at the Tiptree Award ceremony.

Alison Wilgus: Day Two

You never know what is gonna pluck those emotional cords, but when they do land on ya, it’s best for it to happen amongst supportive peers. Alison Wilgus has the scoop!

Alison Wilgus: Day One

It’s a new week, and a new Cartoonist Diary: Alison Wilgus is here, reminding you that sometimes, you’ll finish reading a comic on a plane only to find yourself immediately discussing it with the publishing director of Random House Graphic.

Molly Mendoza: Day Five

It’s Friday, and for many, that means it is time to kick back and enjoy life–but if your enjoyment might result in a hangover, you might want to check out Molly Mendoza’s cautionary tale!

Molly Mendoza: Day Four

Can cats be disappointed in their owners behavior, hobbies and general lifestyle choices? It’s not a rhetorical question for Molly Mendoza, and she’s getting prepared for the experience!

Molly Mendoza: Day Three

Cars, crowds and horses are the thing that frighten cartoonists the most, supposedly. But that’s just kids stuff: when Molly Mendoza wants a challenge, it’s “music” that she’s gonna draw.

Molly Mendoza: Day Two

Traffic attempts to get in the way of a good time, but Molly’s not going to let a bunch of cars get in the way of her and a good time. It’s a Cartoonist Diary Tuesday!

Molly Mendoza: Day One

The only way out is through: there’s a reason that phrase has stuck around for a bit. Welcome to Molly Mendoza’s Cartoonist Diary!

Nate McDonough: Day Five

On his last day, Nate McDonough turns his Cartoonist’s lens onto the Diary process itself–well his courageous eye like what it sees, or will he blink?

Nate McDonough: Day Three

Clocking in has its own challenges, but otherwise, Nate’s work day turns out quite like most of ’em. But swapping Sons of Anarchy out for Downton Abbey? That’s a choice, pal!

Welcome to Paradise Systems

R. Orion Martin (with kuš!) has helped translate and publish a number of underground Chinese comics artists, which American alternative comics readers will find familiar in subject matter, but strange and original in tone and approach.

Nate McDonough: Day Two

Nate’s morning ramble through the backissue market concludes with an explanation of the difficulties inherent in getting Coors Light to the people. Cartoonist? Meet diary!

Nate McDonough: Day One

Nate McDonough opens today’s latest Cartoonist’s Diary with all the varied modes of travel: walking, biking, running, bussing. Also: dogs!

The Empty Mirror

After 18 months, it’s time for the final episode of Tegan O’Neil’s column, Ice Cream For Bedwetters–and we’re talking Spider-Verse, the Clone Saga and the motivation behind it all.

Chris Kuzma: Day Five

In today’s installment of Chris Kuzma’s Cartoonist Diary, we see our creator lost in a dream of his making, designed for the enjoyment of one.

Chris Kuzma: Day Four

In today’s installment of Chris Kuzma’s Cartoonist Diary, we enter the mysterious world of absolute peak Kuzma.