Sterling Silver Comics

Longtime comics retailer Mike Sterling walks Keith through how COVID-19 has impacted his California based shop, Sterling Silver Comics.

Happy Birthday, Alex Niño

While Alex Nino is retired, we bet he’s still celebrating birthdays: today is his 80th, and Oliver Ristau is here to remind you why you should be sending cards.


Nicholas Burman visits Amsterdam’s legendary comic shop Lambiek for a bit of their history, as well as their prescription for handling their COVID-19 influenced present.

Tim Hamilton: Day Five

The aftermath of an illness: that’s something we’re all looking forward to. But be prepared for Tim Hamilton’s closer in today’s Diary: it’s a tough one.

Tim Hamilton: Day Four

Do you think super-hero artists are going to be there when the chips are down and you need some help? Tim Hamilton used his own body to put that question to the test. The answer is no.

Tim Hamilton: Day Three

Can you catch chicken pox as an adult? That’s the question that should haunt today’s installment of Tim’s diary, but the livewire that is Ed should never be far from your mind!

Comic Book Hideout

A lifetime in comics has prepared Glynnes Pruett of California’s Comic Book Hideout for just about anything, and that includes dealing with a global pandemic.

Tim Hamilton: Day Two

In today’s blast from the past, Tim recalls the night he went to a party that didn’t bring proper music while the mystery of Ed’s empty pockets deepened!

Tim Hamilton: Day One

In the first day of Tim Hamilton’s Cartoonist’s Diary, we travel back in time to meet a man who may or may not be telling the truth. We might even be meeting two of them!

Comix Experience

We speak with longtime comics retailer (and longtime industry commenter) Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience about how attempts to combat a global pandemic have impacted the comics retail business.

Earth Prime Comics

In this week’s conversation, Keith is talking with Damon Savage of Vermont’s Earth Prime Comics about how they’ve responded to being shut down, and what they’re worried about regarding the future of the medium.

Kevin Budnik: Day Six

Kevin closes out his week of Cartoonist’s Diary entries with the classiest of cliffhanger conclusions: unanswered questions!

Kevin Budnik: Day Five

There’s a lot to love in today’s installment of Kevin’s Diary (and there’s still one more surprise day to go!), but for our money, the crowd pleasing moment is the very specific instructions that go down during dinner. Get some!

Kevin Budnik: Day Three

Today is a simple one for Kevin, who finds some time outside of drawing and frustration to check in on the soundtrack of friendship.

Kevin Budnik: Day Two

Kevin packs more into a day than I would into a week, and then you sit straight up in bed, wild-eyed and out of breath. “Holy shit” you say, “And he still found time to draw it, too?”

Hare Tonic

Doomsday Clock: What’s It All Mean?

R.C. Harvey isn’t going to let Geoff Johns get away with spending a huge amount of time messing around with old Watchmen comics and thousands of alternate DC universes without giving the end result the old once over. Can Bob resist the bombast?

Best Of The Fests

Rob Clough takes a look at mini-comics from Kayla E., Sam Sharpe, Hyena Hell, Haleigh Buck and more in a column he’s calling a return “to the roots” of High-Low!

Michael Comeau: Day Five

In today’s final installment in Michael Comeau’s Diary, we are given a lens into the degradation–moral, physical and environmental–that Coca Cola brings to the world.

Michael Comeau: Day Four

In today’s Cartoonist’s Diary, Michael Comeau is talking skateboarding, and how it applies to absolutely everything that is or is not skateboarding.

Michael Comeau: Day Three

In today’s installment of Michael Comeau’s Cartoonist Diary, it’s time to talk relationships. Some might say “TMI”. To those people, we say: GTFO!