A Rite Against Cryptoart

NFTs have made their way into comics. Did they bring the sewage with them, or was the sewage already there? Artyom is on the frontlines, and he’s here to explain!

Human Parasytes

Court is in session, and Noah has some theories about Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte, the popular 90s manga where a guy gets super powers and uses them to slice people open but still can’t seem to crack a smile.

Happy Birthday, Alex Niño

While Alex Nino is retired, we bet he’s still celebrating birthdays: today is his 80th, and Oliver Ristau is here to remind you why you should be sending cards.

Are You Not Entertained? Tegan Enters The DC Universe

Tegan O’Neil takes a dip into the world of subscription based comic book reading, with the DC Universe. Can she resist the temptation to watch cancelled television shows and focus on back issues instead? It’s time for an economics lesson!