Challenging the Concept of Free Content

It's the time of the week when Joe McCulloch tells us about all the newest, most interesting comics coming out in stores tomorrow.


—Deb Aoki, formerly of, has launched a brand-new site this morning, Manga Comics Manga.

Here are the winners of the 2013 Eisner Awards. Building Stories and Saga did especially well.

—I'm probably not going to link to a lot of Comic-Con reports this year, but I liked this one from Philip Nel.

—If your interest was at all piqued by the announcement of new S. Clay Wilson books on the way, please go to Justin Green's blog entry passing a message from Wilson's wife Lorraine Chamberlain about Wilson's current health and financial situation (you may remember he received a traumatic brain injury a few years ago), and information about how you can help (Green's offering an incentive of his own for doing so).

—This sounds interesting. Starting this August, Tom Hart's SAW will be offering an online comics history course.

—Tom Spurgeon interviewed Chris Roberson and Allison Baker on the one-year anniversary of Monkeybrain Comics.

—Sarrah Horrocks writes about Red Sonja.

Jim Rugg inks John Buscema.