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Sean Rogers returns to the site with a very thoughtful review of two books with overlapping concerns:

What precursors even exist for comics like Colville by Steven Gilbert or Black River by Josh Simmons? These are books that use genre not to entertain, but to carve away at something rotten. They document a kind of moral entropy—the creeping disintegration of everything right and good. The universe they depict is unjust, indifferent; their nihilism can be suffocating. The stories proceed according to the predetermined, inescapable logic of the snuff film: the people you see here are destined to die, and you are reading these comics because they will die.

I have read only Black River, and it's stuck with me. It is, if nothing else, a break from the friendliness of the "fest" minded comics culture of the day, carrying on an underground tradition of a certain kind.

And Sam Henderson logs in for day 3 of his diary.


The cartoonist Luz is leaving Charlie Hebdo, the NY Times reports.

Here's Gil Roth interviewing the great Chester Brown.

Zainab Akhtar reports on her first trip to TCAF.