Carrot Soup

OK, it's really summer -- slow news, hot days, etc. etc. Weekend readers may have found Frank's latest New Talent Showcase, this one featuring Alex Schubert, Matt Seneca and Jaakko Pallasvuo. Frank has also started a Tumblr called Comics Workbook. He's busy! And coming up on today we have the complete footage of another panel, as arranged by the mighty Kristy Valenti. This one is called Comics and Journalism in a New Era and finds PW Comics World co-editor Calvin Reid talking to Susie Cagle, Andy Warner, Stan Mack, Ed Piskor, Dan Carino, and Chris Butcher about using the comics medium for journalism. Filmed by Justin Bloch and David McCloud.

And elsewhere the pickings are slim:

Speaking of SDCC, Jamie Coville has the audio for a number of panels.

Tom Spurgeon graces us with an interview with Jessica Campbell, who is leaving Drawn & Quarterly after over half a decade. I am, as some know, a very grumpy, some would even say "savage" presence at comic book conventions/festivals/whatever but not Jessica. She would roll off an all-night bus, set up, have snacks, make fun of Devlin, and generally be better than me in all ways. Well, good luck Jessica -- and bless your heart for escaping comics. You've done what so many of us have tried and failed to do. See you in Chicago!