Burger Mania

On the site today, Joe McCulloch tells us what's important in comics this very week.

And elsewhere on the internet:

Here's a blog drawn by cartoonist Greg Farrell detailing the stories of various employees of New York's massive bookstore, The Strand. This series of posts is based on an ongoing labor dispute between the unionized employees and management. I confess I knew very little about this under-publicized conflict, but these strips are a good place to start.

Sad news: Longtime comic book artist Tony DeZuniga is in critical condition in his native Philippines. His wife is asking for help from the comic book community.

In honor of its republication in the new edition of Any Similarities to Persons Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental, Josh Alan Friedman has created an entire digital magazine detailing the history of his and his brother Drew's infamous comic strip "The Joe Franklin Story".

I always had a soft spot for Hugo Tate by Nick Abadzis, which is being reissued as well. Here's an interview with the author.

And finally, Chris Mautner reviews Jerusalem: Chronicles From the Holy City and Best of Enemies: A History of U.S. and Middle East Relations, Part One 1783-1953