Good morning, folks. Today we've got the latest installment of the indefatigable Rob Clough's High-Low column, in which today he reviews six new cartoonists you've probably never heard of before. Here's a bit:

[Matt] Rebholz is new to the world of comics after spending years as a print-maker and fine artist, as well as an art professor at the University of Texas. For fans of alt-comics who enjoy work with a fantasy or genre bent, these comics will be a revelation. Rebholz is an astounding draftsman who who is also a skilled and fluid storyteller. Fans of Brandon Graham, Kaz Strzepek, Brian Ralph, etc. will want to give these books a long look, because Rebholz not only is capable of delivering a tense and fast-paced action comic, he's able to do it with a sense of humor and quirkiness. The Floating Head Bounty Killers is as descriptive a title as you'll ever see, as one MODOK-like floating head is hunting a criminal in a bizarre landscape that mixes what seems to be Aztec or Mayan statues and images with weird trenches and creepy swarms of maggot-like creatures. After the heroic floating head completes his mission and is rewarded, Rebholz pulls the rug out from under the reader with a hilarious twist that leads into the second issue of this series of self-contained but connected stories.


—Jeff Trexler, who's always worth reading on legal comics issues, talks about the recent Gary Friedrich/Ghost Rider reversal.

—The Paris Review has a short excerpt from Ivan Brunetti's new Aesthetics: A Memoir.

—Sina Sparrow interviews Gilbert Hernandez.

This is going to make a lot of money. (Thanks, F.)

—Nicolas Labarre on Alex Raymond, Dashiell Hammett, and Daniel Clowes.

—And three, count' em, three videos for you.

Zak Sally:

Maurice Sendak:

And Art Spiegelman: